The primary objective of ELSI-Brazil is to explore the dynamics of the population ageing in Brazil and its determinants, as well as the demands for both health and social systems. The survey aims to generate important information that will in turn contribute to the assessment of the impact of such systems and to support government policies to promote successful ageing and improvements of health and social care to older adults. In addition, ELSI will allow international comparisons by being designed to be comparable to the Health and Retirement (HRS) family of studies.

The specific objectives of ELSI are:

  • To investigate both physical and mental health of Brazilians aged 50 and over; to assess the use of health services by this age group; to examine social, economic and psychological wellbeing and to explore the contribution of Brazilian older adults at both family and society levels;
  • To examine the medium and long-term trends of the dimensions mentioned above;
  • To explore longitudinally the determinants of physical and mental health of Brazilians aged 50 and older and their relationships to socioeconomic conditions, use of health services, social participation and support and other factors;
  • To investigate the factors associated with the use of health services and the effectiveness of these services in the improvement of health status and related aspects;
  • To examine the dynamics between health expenditure on the family and that on older adults.